I help busy people organize their digital clutter through a simple system that takes less than one hour each week so they can spend more time doing what they love.

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The Simple Method to Organize Your Life Online!


Email -  Photos - Paper
Files - Calendars - Tasks


Do your favorite photo memories wind up buried in your camera roll next to a pile of screenshots? Do you have 12,689 unread emails in your inbox?!

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It’s nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Kath, the woman behind this course! I have always loved to organize things, from my pantry to my closet. My digital clutter got the best of me, and I had to create a simple system to keep it all from snowballing out of control. I hope you will join me inside of my course to organize your life online!

"Using the lessons that Kath teaches in this course have made me happier and more productive. I definitely feel the weight of digital clutter lifting away! There is no other course out there like this. This is going to help so many people."

-Anna A.



With the Power Hour Method, you'll stay on top of your email, photos, calendar, budget, and files from this point onward!
Inside the course, you will create simple systems to manage your life online that are easy to stick to for the long term. And you'll learn some tech hacks along the way.
You'll have immediate access to:
  • The Digital Clutter System
  • All 5 mini Courses
  • Mobile App
  • 30-Page Course Workbook with cheat sheets and checklists
  • Monthly Q&A Calls
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"Kath is a VAULT of information and I am beyond impressed with how much she knows and how clearly she instructs and teaches comprehension and action.  I feel so empowered both by progress in these few weeks and a manageable plan to dig into the bigger tasks.  For years I just ignored the mess of Gmail, saved digital receipts, and the endless photos on my phone with so much mental clutter and guilt. I now know that there's a path out and I already feel lighter after just 2 weeks!"

- Christy C.

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